Мікросхема TPS65231 TPS65231A2

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TPS65231 TPS65231A2 TPS65231A2DCAR

Supply Voltage Supervisor Circuit with Two Monitor Inputs and Open Drain Output

• Wide Input Supply Voltage Range (10.8 V - 22 V)

• Parallel I/O or I 2 C Control with User Selectable

• One Adjustable PWM Buck Controller Address – 10.8-V - 22-V Input Voltage Range

• Advanced Fault Detection and Output Voltage Adjustment Options in I 2 C Mode – 3.3-V - 6.1-V Output Voltage Range

• Pull-Up Current Sources on Buck Enable Pins – 500kHz switching frequency for Accurate Start-Up Timing Control with – Type III Compensation Preset Default – Programmable Current Limit

• Over Current Protection on All Rails

• Two Adjustable Step-Down Converter with

• Thermal Shutdown to Protect Device During Integrated Switching FETs: Excessive Power Dissipation – 4.75-V - 5.5-V Input

• Thermally Enhanced Package for Efficient – 0.9-V-3.3-V Output Voltage Range Heat Management (48-pin HTSSOP) – 3-A Output Current – 1-MHz Switching Frequency

• Digital Set Top Boxes – Voltage Scaling Option

• xDSL & Cable Modems – Type III Compensation

• DVD Players

• Two 100-mΩ, 0.5-A (TPS65230) 1-A (TPS65231)

• Home Gateway and Access Point Networks USB Switches with Over Current Protection and Open-Drain Fault Pin • Wireless Routers

• Early Supply Failure Flag (Open Drain Output) is Set when Input Voltage Drops Below 9.3 V

• Early Temperature Warning Flag (Open Drain Output) is Set if Temperature Approaches Shut-Down Threshold


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