Мікросхема TLE6240GP

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Интеллектуальный нижний ключ, 16-канальный

The TLE6240GP is a 16-fold low-side Switch in Smart Power Technology (SPT) with a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and 16 open drain DMOS output stages. The TLE6240GP is protected by embedded protection functions. The output stages are controlled via SPI Interface. Additionally 8 channels can be controlled direct in parallel for PWM applications. Therefore the TLE6240GP is particularly suitable for engine management and powertrain systems, safety and body applications.

• Short-circuit protection
• Overtemperature protection
• Overvoltage protection
• 16-bit serial data input and diagnostic output
• Direct parallel control of eight channels for PWM applications
• Parallel inputs high or low active programmable
• General fault flag
• Low quiescent current
• Compatible with 3V microcontrollers
• Green product
• AEC qualified


Код товару
СК-9(6) + ДК-40